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Find out WHY Birthday Girl World is giving YOU a free pair of GUCCI shoes

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Starshell, the Birthday Girl is giving away a free pair of Gucci Shoes!Yes, it is true that Birthday Girl is giving away a FREE pair of high-end designer shoes just in time for this holiday season! But the reason we are doing it is even better… to show YOU our gratitude! We are truly so thankful to all of you for your love and support! We decided a shiny pair of $600+ shoes would be the perfect way to show it!

Starshell has always been a huge fan of GUCCI, so she wanted to share their luxurious look with you, all you have to do is be an existing or new part of our world by signing up to be a BG V.I.P!


More Details on how you could be the lucky winner of the Gucci show holiday giveaway for FREE are as follows:


  1. Go to Starshell or Birthday Girl Facebook page
  2. Enter the Gucci Giveaway
  3. Wait to hear back from us by Dec 15th to see if you WON!
  4. (OPTIONAL) Triple your chances by purchasing something and entering your BG order number when you enter.

You only have 25 days left! Enter Here -> Gucci Giveaway 


YUP!!!! It’s really that simple! Good Luck and Happy Holidays

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ade taecha
ade taecha

April 09, 2015


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