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5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Her 21st Birthday!


5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Her 21st Birthday!

Birthdays only come once a year and it is a day where you are showered with love, joy and most importantly... Gifts. When it comes to getting gifts for that special girl, whether it is your best friend or your girlfriend, you want to make sure it is something very, very special. Especially for her 21st birthday, you want to make sure it is something she will remember and cherish forever. So here are 5 gifts that you will definitely want to get her for the big 21st birthday.


1.) Jewelry. You can never, ever, EVER go wrong with getting a girl jewelry for her birthday. A necklace, a bracelet, a watch. Does not have to be anything expensive, unless you are ballin' like that! It can be something small and cute, for her to enjoy.


2.) Gift Card to her favorite store. This gift is something simple and easy, especially if you are an indecisive person and is not sure exactly what to get. Just getting her a gift card to her favorite store shows that you pay attention to her,  she will see more to it than you just getting her a gift card. So you can not go wrong with this type of gift. 


3.) Putting together a collage of things about her. If you want to show your creative side, this is the perfect gift to do so. She will love this forever! Something like this will make a girl cry, definitely. She will feel so loved and will know that you care so much about her to remember these certain aspects about her. Since she is turning 21, you can maybe do 21 memories.This will most likely take her down memory lane and reminisce about her life up till now. The night can end by going over all the things you put in the collage together and just laugh. 


4.) A Card with $21. If you are thinking of a quick gift to get, did not have much time to gather up something, you can always go with a Hallmark card and $21. A nice card and money will always make a girl happy! Who doesn't like money? If you do not have $21, you can always do 21 cents, I know that sounds a bit.. cheap, but it is also somewhat creative if you think about it! 


5.) Take her out. A friend or a significant other can use this suggestion. You can always take her somewhere nice as her gift, out to eat or to a movie. Some would say this is not really a "gift" but it actually can be. She may not want you to get her something, so a way that you can without actually having to buy her an actual gift, is to take her out somewhere. You can make it a surprise, that would be even better. Just a little something to show her how much she means to you :)


No matter what you decide to get her for the 21st birthday, just make sure she will always remember it because she only gets one 21st birthday! 

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