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Dress How You want to Be Addressed with Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl has thought of the perfect gift! Dress how you want to be Addressed!

Mood rings are so 90’s!!! Birthday Girl has pegged the new “in” thing to wear to show your mood! … NEW Customized V-neck T-shirts are here! … Birthday Girl’s designs and T-shirts are made to make a statement, because on your BIRTHDAY, a statement is a MUST!!

These Tees are fun, flirty, bold and vibrant to reflect the BG lifestyle.

These customized Tee's feature celebratory “sayings” that any birthday girl would love to wear on her day, or 365 days a year!

Check out the fab choices:

  1. "Cheers to All the Years" - this customized Tee represents raising a glass to yourself! 
  1. "My Day My Way" - well that says it’s all. Make a statement with this fashion forward tee with an attitude! 
  1. "Birthday Swag" - we all have a special Swag on our birthday, but wait no more to wait till that one day a year to do it up and feel like a queen. In this shirt, you’re sure to be a swagged out diva!! 

THIS TOP WAS RATED “FIERCE”, because you can wear your mood, your Birthday and your lifestyle on your chest!!!

Here are some of the reasons to wear or gift a Birthday Girl customized top ASAP:

  • To be BOLD
  • Too show you are ready to party
  • To wear your mood on your back
  • To get extra attention on your birthday or any other day
  • To give a unique birthday gift
  • To be unique
  • To stand out
  • Annnnnnnnnnnd the list goes on and on and on J !!!!! 

Need I say anymore?!??!?! Birthday Girl Custom Vneck Tshirts make the best gift for yourself or someone else on their Birthday!



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