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Birthday Girl Helps to Save Lives

I started Birthday Girl for one very important and yet very simple reason. In honor of my sister, and to represent and promote women celebrating themselves and their birth… 365 days a year!

I lost my sister to suicide at a very young age (14), and ever since then I have wanted to spread the word about suicide prevention and awareness, yet I couldn’t figure out a way to do it without sounding weird or sounding like I was being a downer. Between myself and my family, we decided that the way we can help prevent teen suicide is by shining a light on the purest part of someone’s existence, which is their BIRTH. A Birthday is a day that is all about CELEBRATING YOU, your life, your triumphs, your journey. I think that it is SO important that we remember to celebrate these things on a daily basis. Life gets hard, things happen and we forget how special and unique we are in all of the good and the bad.

I created Birthday Girl merchandise as a symbol of hope and light to remind anyone who may be going through something, to remember the good. Remember that there is only ONE you and you were created perfectly in the eyes of God. And to remember that nothing is put in your path that you weren’t built to face and over come. I want this merchandise to remind you that your Birth is beautiful and unique and that you can celebrate life every single day that you wake up.

It has been a long road for me and I too have my good and bad days. I think we all do. But I want everyone to know that Birthday Girl is MORE than a novelty brand and more than a cute Tee shirt. BG is here to remind you that you are special and most importantly you are not alone in this world. It is my dream for Birthday Girl to grow to the place where everyone can wear BG clothing and just smile at themselves and at your peers when you see them in it, because it is a bold symbol of hope and celebration of life! 

A portion of every single sale goes to suicide prevention and awareness programs so don’t think you have to wait till it’s your Birthday to support the BG movement!

Also, if you want to buy someone a Birthday Gift with a meaning, choose BG. 

Lastly, I appreciate all of you who support this movement! And please continue to wish me Luck! I hope that everyone will catch on and one day people will take suicide awareness and prevention as seriously as it needs to be taken, it is truly a matter of life and death. When you choose BG, you choose the celebration of LIFE.  J


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