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3 Things to Consider When Planning Your 21st Vegas

Las Vegas. The most popular city in the state of Nevada; lots of casinos, awesome shows and just being around great people. Going to Las Vegas for 21st birthday can be really exciting, with so much to do there you are sure to hardly even sleep. With a great trip comes great planning, and you are going to definitely want to plan for this, so here a few things to do when planning for you 21st in Las Vegas.

When to go. Find out which days you would want to travel to Las Vegas and how long you want to stay. Its best to go during the week days because you will find cheaper rates for hotels! Everyday has something interesting going on, and that way you'll be able to save some money so you  can spend more money on things you want to do there.

Activities. Look up all the things that you want to do and what day you want to do them before hand. This way when you get to Vegas you won't be spending so much time trying to figure it all out, you'll already have that done. There will be plenty of shows such as Thunder Down Under along with many, many attractions to see so you will not have any boring days.

Budget. Give yourself a set budget for this trip so you won't spend all of your money and have broke pockets when you get back from such an awesome vacation. It's best to come with a set amount of money, that way you can have a control on how much you spend.

Overall, going to Las Vegas for you 21st is a for sure blast. You are definitely going to have a fun time and you will make lifetime memories and have plenty of stories to tell! Live it up!


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