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How to Retire Your Jersey on your 21st Birthday


How to Retire Your Jersey on your 21st Birthday

Hey birthday girls! Ready to party?!

For some people, they may feel that their 21st birthdays are not completely official until they do some type of known  birthday tradition, like a drinking game, going out somewhere, or making up a birthday activity to do. Whether it may be taking 21 shots or just having their 1st legal  birthday drink. Here is a new 21st birthday idea that could be started for your 21st birthday; "retire your jersey" with just your own Birthday Girl 21 t-shirt. There are many ways this 21st birthday idea can be done:

Hang it up! With your Birthday Girl 21 t-shirt, you can frame your birthday shirt with a large enough picture frame and hang it up anywhere in your house as a momento to remind yourself and tell others of your ever so special 21st birthday! It also makes a very unique decoration.

    Sign it with sharpie: What you can also do with your Birthday Girl t-shirt, is with a bold Sharpie (preferably) simply sign your name at the top of your shirt really big so that it is very noticeable. Then, get all of your friends to sign the shirt as well. Tell them you'd like to remember your 21st birthday in a big way and you'd appreciate if your friends sign your 21st birthday shirt! If you go out on your 21st birthday and you decide to wear that 21st birthday shirt, have a marker ready for all the people that helped celebrate your night with you sign the birthday shirt. It's a great birthday idea to make a 21st birthday great!

      When it comes time for you to retire your birthday jersey, just know that this will be the best made memory you will never forget!



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      Paulina mejia
      Paulina mejia

      November 01, 2016

      Hi my name is Paulina I am interested

      Sophie Dark
      Sophie Dark

      April 14, 2016

      Great blog ❤❤❤❤

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