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Why Everyone Needs a Capricorn in their Life!!!


Why Everyone Needs a Capricorn in their Life!!!

Hey Capricorns!

The zodiac spotlight is on you, ambitious, spirited Capricorns! Here's why we love our 10th zodiac in the sky!


Capricorn Girls Work the Hardest!

Capricorns are known for their strong work ethic. Whether its at work, or planning for a trip, these girls know that work will get them to where they want to go, and they want to go far! Capricorns want to go places, but more specifically, to the top! Capricorns, however, aren't daydreams, but they love to put real, solid ideas to work. They make great business partners, as their patient, mature, and disciplined nature makes them good team members!


Independent and Proud, Capricorn Girls Take the World by Force!

Their strong, independent, down to earth nature sets Capricorns apart from any other zodiac. They want to take control of things, but also understand where they are in the world. Somewhat reserved, Capricorns may spend long periods of time to plan things but only for a better outcome for a situation.


Patient and Responsible, Capricorns Will Always Support Their Friends.

Capricorns are the people to look for advice whether it be from personal issues or buying advice. Since they're known for being good business partners, you can always count on a Capricorn to give you sound advice. Although they might seem distant, they're always there to lend a hand!


With their hard working nature, and down to earth personality, Capricorn girls are a great addition to any party! Happy Birthday Capricorn Girls!


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nathalie dollface west
nathalie dollface west

December 31, 2015

I will be 22 on January.7th ???


December 30, 2014

I’ll be 18 on Jan. 1 omg baby!!

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