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Got to Love'em Gemini's!!!

Got to Love'em Gemini's!!!

gemini season is now for birthday girls

 Hey Birthday Girls,


Here with another zodiac post. This time the spotlight falls on Gemini! Here's why we love and celebrate Gemini Girls and their energy! 


Gemini Are the Best Social Butterflies!

Gemini will always make a great addition to the life of the party! Gemini's thrive on the party scene and are always having fun! They are very social and love to meet new people. Clever and a bit flirtatious, they will charm people and make friends easily. They won't just focus on getting to meet one person but many people due to their scattered energy. Gemini aren't afraid to go off topic or talk about anything due to their upbeat, strong energy towards people!


Gemini Have Strong Social Connections!

A Gemini girl will always give her girlfriends the attention and good advice they deserve! They may judge people on how they treat other people, but a Gemini will always see both sides before making a decision. With their many sided personality they will adapt to many situations and bring many kinds of ideas to the table!


No Day is a Boring Day with a Gemini!

As they thrive on excitement and energy, Gemini hate to be bored! Doing activities such as team sports or hanging out at a cocktail party. The last thing a Gemini would like is to be sad or have other people affect their energy. Even if a Gemini may go on about a random topic, they love the thrill of not just people but the environment as well!


Being people oriented and upbeat, these girls will never fail to make anyone's day! Go Gemini, have a wonderful Birthday!

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