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Three Must Know Facts about Sagittarius

As it becomes the season for hot chocolate and fashionable scarves and furry boots, we raise the curtain on Sagittarius Birthday Girls! 


Sagittarius Girls Always seek Truth, Justice, and Knowledge

"Knowledge is the key to life" is the motto to this zodiac sign. They love using their heads and talking to people to try and figure things out. Games like chess and puzzles energize their minds. Sagittarius's aren't focused on details but the big picture of every problem and will try to solve a problem with a clear solution.


Patient and Positive, Sagittarius's will Always be a Friend's Anchor!

As long as a Sagittarius is independent and not held down in relationships she will always give much love and positive energy to their many friends. Current friendships with Sagittarius will always continue to grow in time. Though sometimes harsh, a Sagittarius will always be willing to help and give plenty of support to friends who are feeling down or need a bit of a boost to get through the day! Being outgoing with a big heart, Sagittarius's are the friends that will always call you up for a night on the town, or a fun activity on the beach.


A Sagittarius' Energy is Endless!

Filled with hope and optimism, Sagittarius's always see positive things even during tough events. The party is always upbeat with the people of this zodiac, and it's hard to frown when a Sagittarius brings a cheery attitude with a smile. : )


Energetic, Upbeat, Adventurous, Sagittarius make any Birthday filled with excitement and surprise! Smile! It's your Birthday, Sagittarius Girls!

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