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Discover the Virtues of Virgo

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Hey Virgo Birthday Girls!

It's your time to shine as the zodiac is in the season of the Virgo! Hard working, loyal, smart, and dedicated, here's some more reasons why we love you!

Virgo Girls Get Things Done!

It's no secret, Virgos use their sharp, creative, detailed mind to strive for the best results! Perfectionists at best, Virgos love analyzing facts and would be excellent business partners. Virgos make sure no detail goes unchecked and think about decisions in a critical way without letting emotions take over. Virgos believe in the most practical and suitable decision when faced with a problem. With these traits, Virgos are successful in what they do!

You Can Always Count on a Virgo Girl for Advice!

Combined with their attention to detail, Virgos are truthful and will always give good advice to their friends. Coupled with their decision making skills, they will always want to help their friends in the right direction and never lead a friend astray.

 Not Only Hard Working, Virgo Girls Are Smart Too!

Virgos have sharp minds to put to use everyday. They love to be independent and to understand the world around them. They may take longer to decide on plans, but only to make the best possible decision. This might mean staying a little longer at the mall to buy the best outfit for the night!


Thoughtful, Indecisive, and Supportive; Virgo girls can keep the party going all night long! 


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Chrissy B. Chartier
Chrissy B. Chartier

September 19, 2014

I am a Virgo girl ALL THE WAY & all I just read is so very true (at ;east for me) I am amazed at how much I relate to ALL of this & definately “Starshell” whom is from my home town where I born and raised to this very day. I am also amazed at the FACT that although I knew all about all of this and everything and the “cause” behind it all that that the way I had been feeling and everything right at that time (the past couple/few weeks or so) I was gifted to see something posted about Starshell and her song “My Star” It was ecactly when I needed it… I also absolutely adore the “Birthday Girl” clothing and accessory line as well…. I just wanted to say that as we as Thank you for all you do and I truly am thrilled to have this chance to get stuff I will enjoy and be happy wearing more so then other thing because of the meaning behind it all… As well as my girl Starshell… Iluv ya girl!! Thank You!!

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