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It's holiday time! Ready to have work?!!!


Hey Guys! 

Rain or shine, hot or cold, there's always time for a party! It's time to bring more spice to life by celebrating at work! We all know the daily grind can be dull at times, but what other fun way to bring fun to the office with a little TGIF! Celebrating with your co-workers can be a great time and make great memories with those you see everyday. We've got exciting ideas for you to get this party started!


Bring up the office vibe with your birthday girl shirt! Obviously, this is important to show off your birthday pride. ; ) Birthday clothing is definitely a must have. Nothing like showing off your big day with a shirt that speaks for itself. For those turning 21, say it loud and proud. And of course nothing tops off a 21st birthday party with a round of shots! Hey, we can all let loose with a few drinks now and then lol!!!


Surprise parties are always fun as well! Do you know a birthday girl at your work? Celebrate it! Make her feel super special. Get everyone involved and give the birthday girl the surprise of her life! Everyone should hide in the office and trick the birthday girl into thinking that no one showed up at work today. Then, after a few minutes of the birthday girl wondering where everyone went, the spotlight will be on her with a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"


Make sure to celebrate with an awesome cake, as we all know everyone loves a good treat at the office! Top it off with eye catching decorations and good music and you're set for an awesome office party that'll be talked about around the water cooler for ages! And perhaps your boss will yet you get off work early! ; )



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