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Top 3 beauty tips for your birthday

Top 3 beauty tips for your birthday

Hey birthday girls!

 We all know looking one's best is important not just for job interviews and events, but also for your birthday. This is the day you really want to shine and look suuuuuper fabulous, so getting out that lipstick and blush now is totally worth it! In a hurry? We got a few quick and easy tips to get you looking your A game on your B-day!

 Feature your best face!

 This might seem waaaay obvious or not, but with makeup you want to play up your best features. Do you have a great lip color? Make it shine! High cheekbones? Show 'em off! Basic things like having a good foundation or eye shadow that makes compliments your eye color are simple ways to improve your look. You also don't need a ton of makeup to look your best! As they always say, less is more even when it comes to make up!

 Wear outfits that work!

 We're not talking about work outfits but clothing that shows off your body's best features! If you want to show off your curves, wear tight fitting, hip hugging clothing like fitting t-shirts or jeans that perfectly fit your shape. If you got long legs, put on those skirts! Not only should clothing compliment you, having a wardrobe with classic pieces such as the little black dress or a good pair of heels can easily impress anyone. Fashion should work for you, not the other way around. ; )

Last but not least, have a healthy lifestyle

 Alright girls, apart from the partying, the cookies and cake, and bottles of champagne, we gotta get our health into place too! A good night's sleep decreases eye bags, and is one of the most refreshing things you can do (other than drinking water!) Go out and dance the night away for exercising to burn extra calories on the dance floor! Relax on a beach to send the stress away, or visit your girls in town to have some girl talk 101. We girls gotta keep things in moderation (or not! lol!) Have fun at the bar, but don't come home a mess! Dress well, but don't dress like you've just woke up! Keep in mind of what you eat but don't overeat!

 It's that simple birthday girls. Be healthy, be beautiful, and be fine! With these tips, your beauty will last not just on your #1 important day, but every day, from now until your 50s, 60s...perhaps even 90s?!


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