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How to buy a gift for a nerdy Birthday girl


What's up birthday girls?!


We know birthday girls come in all shapes, kinds, and even personality! But what to do for a girl that loves comics, math, and books?!


Learn her interests


Even if you don't share the same interests, get to know her and take note of what tv shows and characters she likes, what her interests are, and follow up with a complimenting gift for her birthday. maybe some merchandise from her favorite show or a book from her favorite author. People love when their friends take time to get a gift that matches who they are!


Surprise her!


Maybe you know of a good fantasy series she may like, a cool new tech gadget to use, or a new video game that is coming up. If you don't know her exact interests, you can even get something similar to what she likes.


If anything else, get something cute!


Even if you may not have an idea, you can always go with a basic gift idea or get her something cute. Maybe a gift basket of snacks or a nice set of stationary, as long as you don't forget her birthday, she will always appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift!


A nerdy gift for a nerdy friend can't go wrong! The best part of gift giving, is to give something that your birthday girl will truly appreciate no matter what kind of birthday girl she is!

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May 02, 2015

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