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How To Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 1

How To Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 1

birthday shirts make the best birthday gifts for her


Hey birthday party girls!

We see you with those cute birthday tees on! Love it!!! <3 You all look FANTASTIC! We're going to give you some more birthday love by giving you more tips on how to look your best in your birthday shirt!

Rock that skirt

Put on a skirt that you can move groove and proudly walk down the block in! It could be your favorite skirt or one you just bought at the mall. It can be a plain color skirt with pastel colors, floral skirt, or even a leather skirt-the choice is yours. Your birthday t shirt can be easily paired with your fashion style, so also mix and match the birthday t shirt with other pieces to make a rocking outfit!

Don't forget the bag

Get a great bag that goes with your outfit. If you're going out clubbing, get a snazzy clutch or envelope purse you can put your last minute makeup in and other small belongings. A glittery clutch or a small faux leather purse will do. You don't want to carry too much if you're busy partying!

Wear the shirt everywhere!

Want attention? Put on that shirt. Whether it to be a music festival, the bar, a beach party, celebrate life everyday with your birthday t shirt and birthday girl style! The birthday t shirt is made to last not only all day but every day too! It doesn't have to be just for birthdays y'know!

Alright birthday girls! Keep celebrating life and work that birthday girl style!

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