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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: New York Edition

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: New York Edition

stylish birthday shirt for a birthday party at night


Hey birthday girls!

We know many of you love to party it up in NYC or even planning to visit for that NYC experience! We'll give you a few solid points to make it a great time while in the big apple!

Dress for the Weather

Like how New York is diverse with people, so is the weather. The winters can be warm enough for snow to melt in December, but freezing cold in January when winter really starts! So if you're planning to party during the holidays, dress with layers on top of your birthday shirt, and consider wearing a suede fashion boot to brave the cold. From March to May, the weather is great for bringing out those skirts and dresses to compliment your birthday tshirt! And in the summer? Guaranteed birthday shirt weather for those hot birthday parties and those cool days in between hot, humid days! Keep stylish and cool in the city with light clothing and your birthday tee!

Carry your own style

This is the city known for street fashion and fashion surprises of all kinds! Incorporate your own likes with your birthday tshirt. Are you edgy and love big necklace chains? Wear them with a birthday tshirt to bring out a bold look! Love long skirts with pastel colored flats? Pair them up with a pink birthday shirt! Mix and match your shirt with your fashion to create a unique set in the city!

Wear comfortable shoes

No matter where you are in NYC, you'll be either walking to the train, to work, to the mall, and so on. Fashionable shoes that are durable and made for walking everyday is a must! Heels may compliment your outfit, but some heels may be less comfortable than others. You can also get a pair of flats on days you don't want to wear heels or other shoes to stay in style while being able to walk around the city. Flats have been in for awhile, and can be found at many shoe and clothing stores in varying styles such as a bow on the front, or ones that look like ballerina slippers. No matter what kind of shoe you pick, make sure it is also comfortable and durable to last all day and all night with your birthday tshirt!

Dress for the weather, get comfortable shoes, put on your best fashion pieces and head out the door! Stay prepared but be ready for adventure and fun in the city with your birthday outfit!


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