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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Day Out Edition

birthday accessories like necklaces and heels compliment the birthday shirt as the whole birthday outfit

Hey fabulous birthday girls!!

Taking the birthday girl look to an everyday, day out look is simple! Wear that birthday shirt and get all the attention everyday!


We recommend a pair of skinny jeans but any old pair of fitting jeans will match perfectly with your birthday tee! With jeans, its known you can easily make a simple look with any jean mix and match. And don't forget the heels!

Get-you-noticed statement necklace

Picture this. A big, gold, necklace gleaming in the sun on a hot day out. And it's on You. People from a distance will definitely see you! When it comes to necklaces: bigger is better. Pair it up with matching gold rings too!

A fashionable clutch

A flirty clutch for a flirty, fashionable outfit. We love clutches that are sparkly and colorful for those eye catching accessory details. If you don't like carrying your purse, try getting a clutch with attachable straps so you can hang it off your shoulder!

Keep it simple, play it up with some accessories, and you're set for a day look that isn't boring but trendy and cool.

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Nov 15, 2015

I love your clothes

rannessa satchell
Nov 07, 2015

Yes I am trying to find this outfit but I don’t see it no were on the site.

Kindral king

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