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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 6

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 6


birthday gift box has all you need for a birthday party

Hey birthday girls!

Keep rocking that birthday shirt cause you're the birthday queen! Here's some extra tips to keep your birthday look sharp!

Do your Nails

Nothing compliments the finishing touches of an outfit more than painting your nails. Take time to paint your nails yourself or tag along with a friend to the salon to get those nails done! Paint them in a color that will match your outfit for that pop! Red nails for that drama, and glitter nails for that midnight glamour effect.

Carry that bag!

Girls, we know we always need our purses with us, whenever we go, even if its a small, just-a-lipstick it can carry purse! Purses are a must have accessory to any outfit. A good purse can boost your wardrobe and day to day looks. For instance, purses made by Michael Kors, Coach, or Aldo can add that bit of style to your look plus getting some compliments every now and then. ; )

Rock a new hair do

A birthday hairstyle will go nicely with a birthday t shirt! Get it styled, let your hair down, wear that new hair clip that you just got! Hairstyles with waves and curls can be great for that "goddess" look and great for that show stopping moment when you walk in the door with bouncy, flawless curls!

Until next time! Keep working that catwalk with that birthday shirt! It's your party!

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