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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Birthday Princess Edition

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Birthday Princess Edition

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Hey party girls!

Some of you like to be treated like a princess on their big day. And hey! That's so okay! Your birthday should be about your day and maybe about being spoiled too LOL! Follow our tips to pamper yourself on your birthday!

Blazer it up

Add a pastel colored blazer with your shirt to give your birthday style some elegance. Consider wearing matching pants or a light, draped skirt to complete the main outfit.

Princess shoes

Pick up some smooth, satin flats or pumps in pastel colors like pink, blue, cream, to polish your birthday princess look. Getting a pair with cute details such as bows or gold pins can be a bonus!

Follow up with a big, floral necklace

We love this gold necklace with white stones that remind us of royalty! There are many kinds of these necklaces on the market, not just in white but many spring colors too! And for low prices, you can have that high class feel without going broke!

And last but not least, dress like a princess, party like a queen! And eat those cupcakes too! ; )

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