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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Bold Edition

birthday jeans and birthday shoes make the birthday shirt look even better

Hey birthday party girls!

Sometimes you just need to go a little avant garde and play it up! Street style is always in, and you can create a bold look for your birthday shirt!

Chunky black heels

Or any black pump will do! The heel wedges with an ankle strap by Forever 21 seems like a great choice for a shoe that's just a bit unconventional and fierce! But don't limit yourself to just that. Try some heels with thick straps, spikes, platforms, and more for that don't get in my way it's my birthday vibe!

Well placed rips and tears

A black pair of jeans with rips around the knees can be another way to say "I'm edgy and it's my birthday." Leather pants or dark yoga pants could be used as substitutions, but any dark pair of pants that say DIVA is a must!

Strange but creative accessories

The earrings by baublebar are a touch of strange but interesting and bold! And if you got some hipster glasses, you could use em for an accessory prop too! Other things wear are: triangle earrings, spiked leather jacket, gold and black pumps, and gold midi rings.

Put the RWAR in your step and boldy walk that catwalk with a fierce birthday girl look. You already know it's your party!

Check out our polyvore set here!

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