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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Casual Birthday Edition

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Casual Birthday Edition

casual birthday shirts are for fun birthday parties


Hey birthday girls!

Some of you might not want to dress it up on your birthday or worry about buying a birthday dress! That's cool, it's your party! If you want to still keep it special while keeping it casual, this birthday post is for you!

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Style that birthday tshirt with some faded denim vests, and those hot, in style denim shorts. This look says "I'm hot on the block!" with keeping it on the low but still saying you got a birthday and you're rocking it today!

The Fine Details

Layered gold necklaces, with simple designs such as a triangle, a word, a heart, and so on can give you that bling without the in your face sparkle. In addition, forever 21's silver tribal bracelets and Tree of Life's braided bracelet can give a natural, down to earth touch to your birthday look too.

Basic Bags

A soft, natural colored cross body bag will fit in perfectly with your birthday look. Bags with details of floral lace or beads can be the perfect accent on your bag. The bag shouldn't be too clunky, just a nice and relaxed look to add to your casual birthday outfit.

Keep it simple, keep it natural, and rock your birthday shirt no matter what you wear!


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