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How to make your Sweet 16 even Sweeter! Vol 1

How to make your Sweet 16 even Sweeter! Vol 1


Hey lovely sweet 16 birthday girls!

It's your party and we're here to make your 16th birthday even sweeter! Put on your 16th birthday tshirt, pass the cake, don't skimp on the cupcakes, and have a blast! Your 16th birthday is one of the coolest birthday milestones, so celebrate well and don't let the moment pass you by!

sweet 16 birthday ideas include birthday shirts and birthday sash


Neon bracelets, pink pearls, and colorful necklaces can bring that pop to your outfit! Wear pastel, vintage pink heels that'll add that extra cuteness to your outfit. Go a bit bolder by choosing a red pump. Any kind of colorful accessory is on point for your 16th birthday party! Now is the time to be bold with your fashion choices!

You can watch me walk if you want to want to... In my red high heels! Every girl needs a pair of red high heels!Are flourescents making a comeback?!!!??

The sweet sixteen birthday shirt!

We're not forgetting this one. Complete your 16th birthday outfit with the 16th birthday shirt! Comfortable, cute, and  sweet sixteen pink, it's the one birthday shirt that will get you noticed on your 16th birthday! Makes a great 16th birthday gift idea for yourself or a bestie that is turning that sweet 16 age!

Pink Lipsticks and Lovely smiles

Do your make up today with soft pinks and subdued colors to give a sweet 16 birthday make up theme! Don't go too crazy on the blush! Put light tones of pink, peach, etc on the cheeks. For the lips, choose a lipstick that have subdued pinks like coral pink, that will get you noticed, but not make you stand out way too much! Last but not least, paint your nails with pinks, creams, or even glitter for that extra pizazz!

Essie Nail Polish in Neo Whimsical

Skirts and More!

Wear a short, pleated skirt or even a short tulle skirt to match not just your birthday shirt but your entire birthday outfit. Feel free to substitute with a longer skirt or even matching pants to make your birthday shirt rock!

Serve the cake, call your friends, put on your best shades of pink, and get ready to party! Happy 16th birthday, birthday girls!

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