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Birthday Party trends/outfits you must try

Birthday Party trends/outfits you must try

Some birthday party traditions don't change but some do. We all celebrate our birthdays in similar ways, but may a change is needed to spice up that birthday party. Here's some recent birthday party ideas that you should try out at least once!

Plan not just a day of birthday fun but a week of birthday fun by going on an adventure trip!

Sometimes you really just need to get away from the day in day out of everyday work. Sometimes, you just need that vacation week to sip martinis on the beach and take a dip in the crystal clear ocean. If it's your birthday soon, why not spend a little more time treating yourself? Some people have made their birthdays a BIG deals each week, and who could blame them? If you've been itching to go somewhere in the bahamas or a trip to an exquisite place in Europe, and haven't gone to a far away escape in a long time, now's the time to do it. Book the flight and hotel nights ahead of time, then, countdown to your birthday begins! Or, if a big trip isn't on your menu, try just spending the week or just a weekend catching up on hobbies, take a day trip to a new city, try out a new restaurant, or just have fun relaxing with a mini spa kit at home. Do what you want on your birthday, all week long!

Wear a birthday shirt to your birthday party

There is one sure fire way to get noticed on your birthday and that is to wear a birthday shirt. A birthday will let everyone know of your big day, loud and proud. Each of our birthday shirts made of soft cotton, with either a crew or v-neck type of birthday shirt, along with choice of tshirt color! Not only for your birthday party but for your 21st birthday, sweet sixteen, and more! With big bold letters that say "Birthday Girl" on the front, this is one birthday outfit you're bound to to get noticed in.

Invite your friends for a day of relaxation, drinks, games, and all kinds of girlfriend fun

Your friends are there for you. They'll also be there when your birthday is today! Get some friends who also want to have fun by spending the whole day with you, doing whatever birthday idea or activity you want. The day could be going to brunch at noon, going shopping after, and hitting the clubs at night. If you're not set on going out so much, try a silly slumber party or movie night to watch some fun movies, eat buttery popcorn, make some girl talk, and have some wonderful birthday memories.

Whether it's going away for the week, trying on a new birthday outfit, or chilling with friends, make your birthday party the party you want to go to!

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