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5 signs you know you're a Taurus Birthday Girl when...

5 signs you know you're a Taurus Birthday Girl when...

ZODIAC alert! Take your birthday by the horns 'cause it's Taurus season! Are you loyal? Do you like to charge ahead? Read on to find out.

You're stubborn and everyone knows it!

Compromise is something we're taught early on in life, but sometimes that just goes out the window cause it's "my way or the highway" on some days. You and your friends could be planning something, and you absolutely want to do this event or go to this party or bar instead of what your friends want. You know YOUR way is sooo much better, so you'll sometimes fight for your way. Or even in a group project, you'll insist to do something this way because of x y and z. Despite that you're hard working and committed to whatever task you're handed in the workplace or school. Taurus are known for stubborness and sometimes it gets in the way of things. Well, you can be certain that since it's your birthday, you can have it your way just for today!

You like to shop till you drop

Like Leo zodiacs, you both love the finer things in life and material desires. If you've found yourself online shopping often, or dropping by your favorite beauty or fashion store, you're probably a Taurus birthday girl. You love the latest fashion trends, home decor ideas, and everything pretty in gold. This birthday season, you should definitely treat yourself to all those things on your wishlist...or hint to your friends what you want this birthday! (Lol)

You've got some good skills

Your friends know you for either your guitar playing skills, your drawing abilities, or even your great cooking skills. Taurus birthday girls tend to know a few useful and/or cool skills or hobbies outside of work.

When it's time to hustle, you do it right

Hard working with tons of common sense and knowledge, you're usually one of the best employees at your workplace or one of the best students in your school. You're also independent and a little stubborn, so it makes you a little focused on what task you need to get done. You thrive in fast-paced environments because anything slow paced or boring very much irritates you. Most often, you also make good money too. 

Above all, you're reliable and dependable

Your friends say you're their rock and it's true. Whether it's a friend asking you for advice, for help, to come to an event on time, a promise, you're always on top of that because you understand the importance of being reliable and trustworthy in your relationships. You give great advice because you have well formed opinions along with correct facts when needed. 

Are you a Taurus birthday girl? Do you exhibit some of the same traits as well? Know someone else that's a Taurus? Share this post with them to see how they stack up too!

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