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How to Look Amazing in Python Skin!

How to Look Amazing in Python Skin!


October may be the most awkward month of the year to dress appropriately for (no offense to October Birthday Girls). It’s too chilly to show too much skin, bright colors seem inappropriate and yet it's not cold enough to bundle up in your winter darks. What to wear? Well, we're going to try and take away the negative connotation attached to "showing your scales" and teach you how to rock some Python snake skin!

Snake Skin-Tight Dress
Nothing is sexier than showing off your bodyline. Python skin adds a sexy illusion to your body, giving you the full flattering birthday outfit.

Left: How sexy is this Nasty Gal python sequin dress? Pairing this with a biker jacket will make you the sexiest Birthday Girl in a crowd
Right: Asos Forever Unique bandage body-conscious dress is more for the tanned Birthday Girls out there

Snake Skin Clutches
Carrying one of these python skin clutches will definitely make your girlfriends jealous. Get ready to repeatedly tell people where you got it from because they will definitely be asking.

Left: Michael Kors python skin clutch is so beautiful and edgy 
Right: This 6 large python skin clutch is great for Birthday Girls who have a lot to bring to the club and we love the gold accent that really makes it pop. 

Every Birthday Girl should be elegant at the start of the evening... by the end of the night... meh. But if you do end up getting carried home at the end of the night at least your feet will look fabulous in these snake skin shoes.

Left: Be it a family dinner, or a crazy night-out with your girlfriends, Kate Spade natural gold wash python print heels are for every event that requires elegance.
Right: These studded Valentino python skin shoes remind us of outrageous versions of Mary Jane pumps and would look great with a simple pencil skirt.

So this month go ahead, Birthday Girl and show of your scales!






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