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How to Rock Animal Prints for the Wild Sexy Look

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How to Rock Animal Prints for the Wild Sexy Look

Hey BGs learn how to rock animal prints for a wild and sexy look on your birthday!
Winter is coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner. Animal prints are hot, but be aware of the fine line between sexy and trashy. Animal prints shouldn't be overdone, we don’t want our BDG to look like a leopard threw up on her. Just adding a little hint of print is the key to working this look. 

Wild Tops
Wearing a full-on animal print dress is not for everyone and may be a little too wild for you if you’ve never given these prints a chance before. These tops will help you take a step into the wilderness. 

Left: Topshop animal print strapless bralet would look stunning with a high-waisted black skirt.

Right: With the built-in animal print belt on this amazing River Island red leopard print belted peplum top, you will definitely turn heads. 

Bangin’ Blazers
Say bye-bye to your furry winter coats, and indulge in some animal print blazers that will class up your simple birthday outfit.

Left: This light-colored Joie blazer is a great balance between sophistication and fun. 

Right: If you’re looking for a more bold look, Miss Selfridge animal peplum blazer will do.

Leopard Pumps
No outfit is complete without the right set of heels. Try leopard prints to give you a more confident look.

Left: Sam Edelman kit boots are always a good choice with a simple black birthday outfit. 

Right: Ivanka Trump kayden animal print pumps are great for a more subtle look. 

Remember, too much animal print can be terrible -- you may get the attention, but not the kind of attention you want on your birthday. Have fun with it but always seek a second opinion. 






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March 11, 2015

Hi Anne. You’re right: he’s a keeper. I like how he wirets!I loved FNL last night. It had an aching beauty to it that made me want to watch it again. Landry’s pain was palpable…it’s likely a thread that will continue to show up throughout the season. That is, IF there’s a season.

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