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How to Plan your 21st Birthday in 4 Easy Steps


Here are some easy steps to planning your 21st birthday party

The 21st birthday is the epitome of American birthdays; it is the last milestone in becoming an independent adult. Turning 21 means no more stealing from your parents liquor cabinet, no more awful self-mixed drinks involving vodka and some form of juice inside a water bottle, and most importantly, no more begging your older sibling to buy alcohol for you! We rejoice by proudly throwing our fake ID’s into the air to commemorate the fact that we have finally graduated from the world of underage drinking and into the magical world of legal drinking.

This is where all the previous parties in which we’ve participated are now referred to as “pre-parties,” and the actual party consists of clubs, expensive drinks, men with jobs, and drunk heartfelt moments with cab drivers on your way home.

All of this new alcoholic freedom can be overwhelming for a birthday girl, so here’s a guideline for planning a successful 21st birthday party:

1) Invitations: Create a Facebook Event at least 2 weeks ahead of time to spread the word of your party. It should be clever and funny because if it’s fun to read, people will assume it’s a fun party. Make your best friend an administrator, and ask her to invite the guy on whom you’ve been crushing.

2) The Pre-Game: This is an intimate gathering for you and a few of your closest friends to have a few celebratory drinks. Invite these people personally with mass text messages or private Facebook message. Make sure everybody eats something, and don’t drink too much, or your first drink at the club will be a glass of water assuming that you don’t pass out while waiting in line.

3) The Club: After you’ve chosen at which club(s) you want to celebrate, make sure you call them ahead of time to set a guest list for your party. The BDG should never wait in the regular line. Make sure the bouncers know it’s your 21st birthday, and use your charm and sweetest voice to ask if you and a few of your model (*wink*) girlfriends can get in for free.

4) Transportation: Whether you take the bus, take a cab, or arrive via helicopter, always make sure there’s a sober designated driver for getting to the club and getting back home. “DUI” and “birthday party” should never be used in the same sentence.

Regardless of whether you follow these guidelines, the most important rule to follow is this: DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID! (*Genius Fail-Proof Tip: Safety-pin it to your bra). There’s nothing worse than being denied entrance to your own birthday party.


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October 12, 2015

i would like few advises on how to make my party rock and maybe buy those glasses

elese Michael Atkins
elese Michael Atkins

April 15, 2015

Wow 12

charne henderson
charne henderson

April 26, 2014

I like the wat you do things -very impressed

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