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Have you met The Birthday Girl?

Ask any girl what her favorite day of the year is, and she’s guaranteed to say her birthday, of course. A birthday is more than publically marking your age on Facebook and getting dozens of HBD notifications from people that you only kind of know/care about. A birthday is a tradition and a ritual dedicated to taking pride in all of your accomplishments, your relationships, and to welcome an exciting new year of your fabulous life. Your birthday is like homecoming, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s all combined into one day that’s completely devoted to you, the Birthday Girl (BDG).

A BDG embraces each birthday as a big celebration, especially for the milestone years like 2, 10, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21 and every subsequent birthday ending in -0 or -5. Think of birthday parties as an exclusive personalized New Year’s celebration: it’s a chance for you to dress way nicer than everybody else, shamelessly receive gifts and attention, act like a total diva (think Beyonce at the Superbowl), and host a big party for all of your closest friends. 

Of course, not every birthday needs a big party. Some BDGs would rather stay low key and have a birthday brunch, birthday dinner or a relaxing birthday spa day/vacation. Remember, the important thing is not how you celebrate; it’s whom you celebrate with. 

Stay true to your inner BDG and never neglect your birthday.

Your life is an occasion; rise to it, Birthday Girl.

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