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Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Birthday Party?

Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Birthday Party?

The answer for most women is an automatic and unhesitant NO. However, social media has made it impossible to completely cut an ex out of your life and including someone in your life as a “friend” is only a click away. On one hand, you may be on great terms with your ex and just want him to be a part of your celebration. On the other hand, you may have an entire Taylor Swift album dedicated to him and you just want to rub your fabulous party in his sad little face. Whether you love him or love to hate him, there’s a proper etiquette for inviting an ex to your birthday party.

You have a new boyfriend: So lets start with stating the obvious; if you have a new bf then inviting your old bf is a huge no-no. Lets face it, no matter how cool you pretend to be with your ex, or even if you actually are, your new man will always see him as a potential threat. After all, men are generally simple creatures and the only justification your current-beaux needs for being upset is “He saw you naked”.  Imagine the opposite scenario; would you want your boyfriend’s ex at his birthday party? Probably not.

You’re still in love with your ex: If you still have a "thing" for your ex, your birthday party would be the perfect opportunity to rekindle the old flame. He will see you glammed up while exuding a healthy birthday glow. What could be a better stage for a "don't you want this" moment!

Your ex is still in love with you: Your ex might take this invite as a sign that you want to get back together with him, when in reality you invited him on totally friendly terms. To make sure there’s no miscommunication, do some pre-meditated damage control and let him know that he can bring a date and that you are JUST FRIENDS! If you think you have no feelings for him, your subconscious may feel differently after a couple drinks. The brain is known to do some unpredictable things and may stir up some suppressed feelings.

 Do NOT underestimate an ex. Consider the fact that he might bring his own date or use your birthday party as an opportunity to extract revenge. No matter how “cool” you guys may seem you’re never going to know exactly what he’s thinking. Beware of the vengeful ex who has a hidden agenda. There is nothing worse than being humiliated at your own birthday party.

 The most important thing on your birthday is you. Dealing with an ex is always tricky so don’t risk the possibility of creating new drama with old problems if you’re unsure how you feel. Make sure that if you invite your ex you’ve thought it through and you’re 100% positive it won’t take away from your celebration. A birthday should be a time to enjoy your present life, not to drag old baggage back.

Should you invite your ex to your birthday party?

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