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Here are some unique Birthday Gifts for her...

A girl can never have too many candles and I find that you can never go wrong with giving them as a birthday gift.

Bath & Body Works has affordable candles (around $20) and come in bunch of amazing scents.  If you’re looking for more luxurious candles, check out Molton Brown. They’re a lot more expensive, ranging from $50-$265, but they also burn slower and last longer than the candles from Bath & Body.

Remote control flameless wax candles glow like a real flame and can usually be found in a variety of colors. You can buy them at drugstores, Bed Bath & Beyond, or you can order them online from Amazon.

A flameless candle is a unique birthday gift for her

LED floating rose spa lights are perfect for relaxing baths and for transforming any bathroom into a relaxing spa atmosphere. Order them online from Amazon or Overstock.

 LED floating rose spa lights are great and unique birthday gifts for her

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