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How to Throw Your Dog The Perfect Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Dog from the Birthday Girl The idea of throwing your dog a birthday party may seem comical at first, but it's become extremely popular with dog parents over the years. And I am definitely one to throw my doggie a bday bash!

Whether you know your canine's actual birthday or want to commemorate the day that you brought her home, throwing your pooch a party could be a wonderful way to bring a few of your fellow dog parents and their companions together to celebrate. If your canine's birthday is on the horizon, use the following tips to make it a special day and take advantage of the summer weather.

  1. Fill up a kiddie pool. This is a great idea, especially during the hot days of the summer, there's probably nothing more enjoyable for your dog than being able to cool down in a kiddie pool. This is something that all of your doggy guests can enjoy, so set one up in the shade away from the rest of your guests. Put out a few towels that they can sit on, and place the pool far enough away that your guests won't get sprayed when the dogs need to shake off!   

  2. Create a series of dog games. According to, activities like obstacle courses, throwing frisbees or playing hide and seek with a few treat-filled toys and cardboard boxes placed all around your home are fun options to consider. These will give the dogs a bit of extra exercise and provide both your human and canine guests an engaging activity.

  3. Bake a doggy birthday cake. Dog-safe confections are a growing market in the pet wellness world, so you can easily throw together a birthday cake to give your canine a delectable birthday treat. One idea to consider is a series of doggy cupcakes made with peanut butter, one egg, vanilla extract, honey, shredded carrots, flour and baking soda. Put them inside of a muffin pan to make them bite-sized for each of your furry guests and break them out at the end of the celebration for a treat that your dog won't soon forget!

Throwing your dog a birthday party is a wonderful way to connect with fellow dog parents and let your BIRTHDAY POOCH feel like the center of attention. A birthday comes around once every year, so make sure your dog's big day is as special as it can be.

Have you thrown a birthday party for your dog? If you have, do you have any tips or suggestions you would like to share...we would love to hear from you!


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