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How to rock your birthday t-shirt: Sat. Night edition!

Hey Birthday girls!

We know you all love to party and show off those birthday outfits! Keep it up! We're gonna give you more tips to fab up your birthday weekend!

Put on those snazzy heels!

We think anything glittery, glitzy, and glam will look great as a statement piece! And so is the classic glittery heels! Made for a night out, a gala, or even a new year's eve party, these heels will go great with your birthday shirt. If not a pair of these fine things, a sleek, sharp pair of black stilettos will work too.

Black and everything black

Black is and will always be a fashionable, simple way to look great! Try on a sleek, sophisticated black skirt that will turn heads, along with a purse that is bound to get people asking "where'd you get that?!"

Last but not least...

Give your look with some black accessories like the rock solid black earring studs to match your black birthday shirt. Red lips can make your look pop and give you that mysterious edge! Some statement necklaces in gold can be a good addition to your look too!

Be safe and keep partying on your birthday during this holiday season! Bring on the fine music and fizzy drinks!

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