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Who Else Wants to Earn Money and Save Lives?

If you love the idea of making money and knowing that you are helping to save lives while you do it, than the new Birthday Girl Ambassador program was made for you. Find out who, what, when, where, why and how below: 

WHO: There are three different levels to the program so no matter who you are this program was strategically built and tailored for you. 

Here’s what I mean...

  • If you are a college student who wants to make a little extra cash by posting Birthday Girl links to your Social media pages than you can apply to be a BG Ambassador. You get a percentage of every single sale that is generated from anyone who came from your pages! And don't worry, Birthday Girl keeps track of this and pays you! Just for posting!

  • If you have an entrepenurial spirit and know that you can create your own movement, no matter what age you are, than you can apply to be an BG Ambassador+ (plus). You can create your own storefront page through the Birthday Girl World website.  You can also host Birthday Girl Friday parties or pre-parties once a month at your place where you can advertise the products and get a group of girls in a room to celebrate Birthdays!!  This as an excuse to throw a Birthday Party once a month and I generate so many sales!!!!

  • If you are a small business owner or boutique, any establishment where women frequent than the BG Affiliate program would be for you. The Affiliate program is a bit more advanced than the other two levels and it is for people with established businesses that want to make extra cash by having BG in their establishment. Some examples of BG affiliates are salons, flower shops, cake shops, boutiques, event coordinating companies, fashion boutiques and gift shops.

WHAT: An independent distribution program made up of 3 levels of exceptional every day people who want to make money and save lives.

WHEN: APPLY NOW!!! Birthday Girl is launching this program to the public as of November 1st 2013! Yay! They are currently taking applications!


WHY: Starshell and Birthday Girl created this program to help empower people to be able to make money and help save lives at the same time. Not only does a portion of every sale you make go to YOU, but another portion goes to Suicide Prevention! It really doesn't get any better than having a fun and easy way to make money and make a difference in the world in a powerful way at the SAME TIME.

HOW: It literally takes two clicks to get started! First, read through the different levels of the program. Then apply for which ever level fits your specific needs.

If you want to make money, and save lives. This  program is for you! Period.


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