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Birthday On a Budget - How to plan a birthday party on a budget

Birthday On a Budget - How to plan a birthday party on a budget

Hey birthday girls!

We all looooooove parties, don’t we? Let’s help you get more out of your birthday party experience for less and make sure you have a little more for that shopping spree you’re obviously going on after! ;) This birthday party guide made especially for you birthday girls will let you wow everyone with an amazing looking birthday party while still keeping your piggy bank looking happy!

I. Plan, plan, plan!


You have to announce your birthday with style, girl. Don’t forget the basics: where, when, and who!

If you’re planning to get comfy with some friends, there’s no place like home – sometimes having a movie night with your gals is just what you need. It's easy on the budget and friendship costs nothing but time and love!


Birthday Tip: Try free/low cost admission places for birthday fun while saving money!


For your 16th or 21st birthday you can definitely go bigger and better, with places like aquariums and museum trips and evening rocking out on the beach can be fun and easy on the birthday budget! Hint! Having your birthday on weekends and other holidays will make sure everyone can come, but check in with your close friends and family first!

With your date and birthday party location all set, you can get to send out those birthday invitations! Use online tools like eventbrite or via text message so you don't have to spend a dime making invites!

II. You don’t have to sit around and just chat!


Of course, a tea party would be really awesome too, but you don’t have to! It's your birthday party and you decide what to do! You can have a movie, board game night as birthday activities that don't cost much!

A week before your party it’s time to kick it into high gear and start preparing the actual entertainment. Use some of your own furniture at home and rearrange tables and furniture for that mingle zone for the birthday crowd! Consider some low cost snacks like popcorn, soda, chips, for a pre-party snack fest!



But is preparing food for a birthday party crowd expensive?




III. Birthday food doesn't have to be expensive to make!


You won’t BELIEVE how much better something you bake tastes, turn that cupcake money you saved into cardigans at the mall after (or a fabulous birthday shirt, obviously)! Baking your own cake will cost less than $20 and you can have a blast with some friends, while adding that personal touch of *you* on that cake. Making all the food will be a perfect way of keeping the budget under while giving your guests something interesting to munch on. If not, there’s definitely cheap eats no one ever turns down like pizza…or you might just want to have pizza anyways! Who could say no to pizza? ;)


Birthday Tip: Making food will most often cost less than ordering food!

Having snacks out during mingle time is another perfect way to start the party, your friends will naturally hang out and snack out over chips n’ dip at the same place so they can get to talk and know each other before the party really starts. The best hosts can introduce everyone to each other too, the sooner the better. Make everyone feel at home during your birthday party! Don’t have the music blasting too loud just yet!


IV. Set up your BFF emergency hotline


Sometimes you might think you have everything settled for the party but you forget something as simple as… cups? OOPS! Who knows? It’s horrible, everything’s a disaster! Just kidding, that’s when you have your BFF on speed dial and let them know in advance that they can arrive fashionably late if they have to pick you up anything you need to keep your party run smooth. After all, that’s what friends are for, right?


V. Picking the right outfit

Okay, this is easily one of the most important things about birthday planning: a birthday outfit! It's so important, that we dedicated an entirely different ebook to it HERE. We got you covered birthday girls, for all your birthday needs!


But short answer: Style your birthday shirt with your everyday wardrobe! It's easy and simple to do, and your birthday shirt will let everyone know in the room who is the real birthday queen of the night! Better yet, the birthday shirt doesn't cost more than 20 dollars for birthday outfit success!


VI. Birthday party themes on a budget


Birthday themes are a really awesome way to get a party together that lets you get creative with how you want to entertain the guests. For instance you can go Vegas Night birthday with a black and red casino theme, pairing guests up with matching cards from a deck of cards, have some card games set, and give everyone their own playing card with their name on it! Another birthday theme idea would be a floral/garden birthday theme where you can put paper flowers and some real flowers all over the place!


Birthday Tip: Decorating your birthday party DIY style can make your birthday party memorable!


And making some of these birthday theme ideas on a budget isn't impossible! Try these links for some awesome DIY ideas for your birthday party!


Themes are amazing because they really tie everything together while making life easier for you because you don’t have to go crazy over all the little decorations! The more focused your birthday party is with decorations, the better your birthday party will look!


Time to party more and save more money on a birthday budget! Hope this birthday on a budget guide helps! You can easily make an amazing birthday party on a budget that people will look forward to and mark on their calendars. The easiest step to being the popular girl on the block is an awesome party, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, trust me! More snacks, more food, more movies, more things to do that cost nothing, and more fun. Enjoy!


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