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How to Instantly Save Money While Planning The Best Birthday Ever!

How to Instantly Save Money While Planning The Best Birthday Ever!

Ready to party? Ready to party and save money? We'll show you how in our Birthday Budget Series. Read on for more.

So you're planning a birthday party and need to invite a lot of guests at once? How to do that? Don't buy paper invitations, but mass email everyone that's invited. Electronic invitations are free!

If you got a birthday coming up, plan ahead as much as you can! If you buy off season, you'll have more time to find cheaper birthday decor or birthday party supplies before your birthday happens. You'll even have more time to comparison shop too. Better yet, order online too to get those birthday party discounts and free shipping if you buy enough! Stores like Target can be another place to find creative but cheap birthday supplies.

Want to spend only dollars on your birthday decor? Go to your local dollar store and check out their birthday party section. Most have your very basic birthday party supplies such as birthday plates, napkins, birthday cards, gift bags, and balloons for your birthday fun. Avoid those specialty birthday party stores since they will often charge you more than buying in bulk elsewhere. 

You don't need to spend tons of $$$ on birthday food either. Hit up warehouse places like costco or grocery places to buy in bulk and spend less overall. 

Where to have that birthday party? Choose cheaper venues to start or plan a homemade birthday party at your house. Some places like bowling alleys, sports activities, or happy hours can be a good place to save money, have fun, and celebrate your awesome birthday. Does your friend have a backyard or patio? Might be a perfect place to have a birthday party, just bring lights, tables, music, and the food and it'll be a perfect backyard birthday party for all.

Need some birthday music to groove to? Hit up spotify, soundcloud, or any other music streaming service. You can get all the freshest tunes for your birthday bash, while not spending a thing.


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