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How to let your boyfriend know what to get you on your birthday

How to let your boyfriend know what to get you on your birthday

Hey birthday girls!

Your birthday is soon...and you want to let your special person in your life that you want that birthday gift you've been eyeing for awhile. Sometimes you just need to give him a big hint that you want a brand new pair of sports shoes or that shiny new bracelet you've been wanting for a looong time but you don't want to come off as too direct or nag him to get something over and over. Here's some birthday tips to let your sweetie know!

Show him your birthday wishlist

Like some people, pinterest can be a great online place to organize your likes and wishes on an easy, social platform. In text, you might just share some products you really adore and talk about how you want them! Trust me, he'll probably get it once you talk about your desired gifts quite a bit.

Talk about your interests!

Maybe it's running, maybe it's gaming, maybe it's makeup and beauty or even hobbies, talk about your interests. Most guys will pick up that you like certain things because you talk about them. Once it's your birthday, they'll probably get something related to what your interests are, even if it's just a gift card to your favorite store with the products you talk about.

Have a problem and give a hint solution!

This birthday idea consists of you talking about a problem that can be solved but you can't due to other issues such as, you don't know where to get it, money is tight for the month, etc. Maybe you need a new phone case and you'd love that as a birthday gift. Or, you're running out of eyeshadow palettes and you need more to replenish your supply! Make your desired birthday gift a solution to your problem and he'll definitely want to solve your problem with a birthday gift!

And if all else doesn't work...

Tell him directly

If your man doesn't take the hints, the next best thing is to just simply tell him - the direct approach is the best with guys sometimes! Okay, maybe it's a little weird to tell it straight, but many guys feel relieved when their girl tells them what they want. This only works if you've been dating him for quite awhile and you both feel comfortable around each other to be this direct!!! Remember, most guys in relationships want to please their girl, and telling him what you want can be helpful to not just you, but him as well. Just don't demand it either! Tell him "hey, my birthday is coming up and I'm wondering if I can get this new thing I've been eyeing for awhile..." If you have something you want, he'll probably get it for you if you give him a clear hint if he didn't take the other hints!

When it comes to birthdays, guys love to surprise their sweetie with a surprise birthday gift. If you hint to him before your birthday, he will probably figure out what gift to get and how to surprise you with it!

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