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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Made in 80's Edition!

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Made in 80's Edition!

80s birthday outfit birthday idea

Hey birthday girls!

This birthday outfit idea is for the 80s birthday girls! It's a summer outfit that you can not only wear on your birthday, but for a day out, a trip to the beach, and anywhere you like! Here's how.

Graphic tee with summer shorts

Graphic tees are in, and are a great birthday outfit for every kind of summer birthday party. We paired up our Made in 1988 birthday shirt with classic summer shorts to rock any summer! But of course, this birthday shirt isn't just for the 1988 birthday girls, you can customize this birthday shirt for any birthday year, even for the 90s!

Hearts for graphic shirts are sooo cute! The heart sunglasses make another cute touch to the birthday outfit. And of course, high-waisted shorts are on point!

Summer caps

To protect your face and look cool in your summer birthday outfit, wearing a trendy cap can make your birthday outfit great. We love the Gucci cap and bag combo as a cap example. You can get caps in all kinds of colors and some with inspirational words or buzz words like "BAE" or "I love Weekends".

This birthday outfit can also be done with a black birthday tank too.

Red Hot Sneaks

Sneakers totally go well with graphic tee outfits. Pick a sneaker in a color that will stand out like red, or white. You can also get sneakers with colorful graphic designs on them like Nike's line of shoes for all kinds of uses.

These red shoes go well with any red graphic tee!


For this graphic tee look, you'll want a few touches of gold for this birthday outfit. Gold chains and gold watches are great for any fashion outfit as a last minute, flawless accessory. Rhinestone or diamond studs are always a good staple for any birthday outfit.

And for makeup, a red lipstick with your makeup choices will be perfect for this birthday outfit.

Don't regret trying these birthday outfit ideas out! Much birthday love to the 80's birthday girls! If you're looking for more birthday outfit ideas, we got plenty more birthday outfit ideas at our Polyvore


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