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How to Thrift the Perfect Birthday Gift for any kind of Birthday Girl

How to Thrift the Perfect Birthday Gift for any kind of Birthday Girl

Hey birthday girls,

Getting that perfect birthday gift without spending a fortune on the birthday gift can be quite tricky. Not if you shop at thrift stores though! Thrift stores can be great to find that perfect birthday gift for that birthday girl that has certain hobbies or interests. We're going to give you more pointers on how to get the perfect birthday gift on a budget: Thrifting edition.

When she needs a cute birthday outfit.

We love thrift stores! Why? Get anything you need for under 10 dollars. Even your next birthday outfit could be here. Browse the dresses for any cute finds for her next birthday party. Pick up a pair of gently used heels to complete the look and accessories if they have any. If you don't see anything, try a few more thrift stores in the area. You're bound to find something special no matter if it's your birthday or her birthday or not.

21st birthday? No problem. Bring on those wine glasses and decorate them.

Just about every thrift store has tons and tons of wine glasses for any drinking celebration. Even an interesting coffee mug or glass can be a good birthday gift for the coffee-holic in your life. If you're a college student, you're probably going to go to the thrift store anyways for your drink set needs. You can easily get a wine glass for a dollar or two each. Need other kinds of drink glasses? Your local thrift store probably has that too.

Then, decorate those wineglasses for a DIY 21st birthday party. Use your craft supplies that were in your closet, or even pick up a few materials at the craft store too. Use glitter, ribbon, and pen ink to decorate for your birthday girl.

Does she love games?

Then old school Nintendo, video games, and board games can be the perfect thrift find for your birthday girl that loves to play games. People always donate their old or retro games to thrift stores, so these can be super valuable to people to people that are into old-school video games or board games.

For the creative birthday girl...

Paintings, journals, vases, figurines, sketching pencils. and paint sets can be great gifts for the birthday girl that loves art and creativity. Sometimes it might be difficult to find specific art items, but it's worth a shot stopping by the thrift store for a low priced birthday gift.

No matter what she likes, you can definitely find something meaningful as a birthday gift idea at the thrift store. If you don't even know what she wants, just stop by and browse for a few minutes at least. Hope this helps you find the perfect birthday gift on a budget!


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