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The Party Essentials You Need RIGHT Now.

The Party Essentials You Need RIGHT Now.

What makes a great birthday party? Birthday decor and that champagne! We LOVE browsing the web for cool birthday ideas for birthday parties, and here's some of our top picks for celebrating your birthday in 2017. Read on to find out how to make your birthday better.

First off...

Gold everything!

Glitter outfits and all that glitters isn't just in for holiday parties and Capricorn birthdays, but for adult birthday parties too. Gold everything is totally trending as one of the best birthday party ideas to try this year. Gold is the color you want at your birthday party when you turn 21, 30, and so on. So celebrate your birthday in 2017 with gold party decorations, cake tops, and more.

YESSS! Perfect 18th birthday photoshoot with BIG balloons. @kaysteeezy

When your birthday guests enter the room, they'll see a giant set of gold birthday balloons! This birthday trend is all the rage now with people posing as their birthday age or "Happy Birthday" . It's totally perfect not just for birthday decorations but for birthday selfies and pics!

What to top your birthday cake with? How about a fancy set of gold glitter cake toppers? Say that birthday pride with style, and have your cake and eat it too. You can get glitter golden birthday toppers in other kinds of shapes and phrases too. Whatever your birthday is, it's a little way to add a bit of style and design to your birthday party.

It's time to DRINK. It's an adult birthday party and we'll have our birthday cake, AND some alcoholic fun. A lot of social events will have drinks, but make it even special by having a dedicated table/bar for champagne and/or mimosas. Put some gold tablecloth down along with some glitter for effect, drinks, and drinkware. 

Ok, we need to clean up those cake crumbs sometime! Want another birthday idea? Personalized birthday napkins are cool too. You can get them from etsy or any kind of birthday website that personalize your own message of choice.

Time for night time partying. Keep some lights on with fairy lights. Tumblr-inspired and just magically cool, it's a great way to decorate the party during nighttime dancing and nighttime birthday party fun. If you have a garden/backyard birthday party, even more the reason to use it as cute little lights in the night. Urban outfitters usually has some sweet party lights on sale.

So get your gold shoes on and get ready to celebrate in 2017 with these fun party essentials! And of course, we're going to be partying all night long in our gold birthday shirts for a gold birthday party!

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