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Top 3 ways to style a graphic tee!!

Top 3 ways to style a graphic tee!!

Graphic tees are fun, silly, sophisticated, and casual tshirts that you can wear everyday and on your birthday. To get the best use out of your graphic tee, we found three ways to style your graphic tee on your birthday. Read on to find out more.

Wear a fedora, sunhat, or any hat with your graphic tee

A good outfit sometimes needs a good hat. Fedora hats are great for fall fashion style along with other fall fashion pieces such as navy or olive green colored pants, booties, and light scarves. Sun hats are great to those sunny trips to the beach and in all kind of summer and spring weather.

Wear a statement necklace over the graphic tee

Statement necklaces are meant to be noticed. So what better way than to pair it up with the graphic tshirt?! A small necklace just won't do, so go big or go home with this style tip! Wear one with big stones arranged in eye pleasing patterns. Some other choices would be gold chain necklaces and big drop pendant necklaces.

Choose your best pair of heels

Pick a pair of heels that'll add to your shirt and your birthday outfit. some choices would be red, pointy stilettos, gold, shiny heels, rhinestone printed heels, and even graphic printed heels that have floral, animal, or other printed pattern on it.

Use these style tips to your advantage and look great in your graphic tee at the birthday party!

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