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Top birthday ideas for your birthday

Top birthday ideas for your birthday

Hey birthday girls! Birthday parties are one of the most fun celebration of one's life. It's time to go all out and celebrate the day away. Take time out of your hectic lifestyle to start partying and enjoying life. We have some hot birthday ideas for your birthday party.

Go for an outdoor trip on your birthday

If you're an adventurous person or you love the outdoors, have some birthday fun by getting out in the wilderness. Planning a hiking trip with camping gear can be fun with friends that share the same hobby as you do. Research what park or woods you want to go, and what nature trails are open for your birthday weekend. Bring proper equipment such as tent supplies, hiking boots, sleeping bags, and survival supplies, and lots of sunscreen to beat the risk of sunburns. Bring water bottles to keep hydrated in the hot sun. 

Make a late night slumber party with your BFFs

If you love netflix, popcorn, spa parties, and chatting all night with your friends, turn it into a night birthday party with your friends. Organize all the activities such as movie watching, cake decorating, pizza eating, dancing, goofing off, gossiping, and anything you and your girlfriends want to do. To get even more into the birthday mood, wear a birthday sash and birthday tiara so you can be the birthday queen of the night.

Wear a birthday shirt on your birthday

To get into the birthday mood, try on a birthday shirt. It has everything you want for your birthday outfit. For the 21st birthday shirt, you can potentially get free birthday drinks at the bar. When you have ID proof and wear a 21st birthday shirt or a drinking related birthday shirt to the bartender, you can get free drinks to cheer about all night! At some restaurants and clubs, they might offer a discount or a freebie when you step in with your birthday shirt on.

Go to a night club on your birthday

This is a very popular birthday party idea. Get ready on the day of your birthday with your best friends and head to the club for all night dancing and birthday celebrating. Wear a birthday outfit like a club dress with heels and makeup. Accessorize with earrings, necklaces, and a small purse to keep your phone and ID in for drinks. Try to RSVP for a night club so you can get in quicker, however if you dress well and bring your girlfriends, you'll not have any problem getting in to many clubs for the night.

With these birthday ideas, you'll have some top notch birthday fun on your birthday. Kick back and enjoy your birthday!

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