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Unique ways to save $$$ on your Birthday

Unique ways to save $$$ on your Birthday

Hey party people!

Saving money on your birthday can be a real birthday gift. Here's a few more ways on how to save money in unusual and unique ways so you can have more $$$ in the bank, less worries, and party on through the night!

First thing is first. Stick to a budget. If you want to save, you have to have a limit. This could be anywhere from no more than 50 to 200 or by how much you want to spend or not spend.

We all know a birthday party isn't complete without food, but birthday food can be costly, more so if you serve it at the wrong time of day. We recommend having a birthday party (if possible!) between lunch and dinner. That way, you can provide things like birthday cake and or ice cream as a light snack rather than plan the full course meal for dinner. If you got a 21st birthday coming up, a good idea would be to DIY your own cocktails and martinis for the night rather than going out to a bar and possibly overpaying per drink! Better yet, making pitcher drinks like sangria can be great for serving 21st birthday drinks to a crowd while saving money.

And of course, making your own birthday food from scratch for a birthday party in the afternoon can be the cheapest way to save money on your birthday party.

Not to forget, take advantage of birthday freebies on your birthday too! Chances are, you often go to retail shops or chain restaurants, or you're a member at those places. From the birthday freebies list, you can definitely get things like birthday dessert, free bowling game, birthday discounts and more. Free ice cream on your birthday? Hell yeah! You can definitely plan a birthday party or birthday outing around getting those freebies and celebrating your birthday. 

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