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When your B-Day is on Halloween...

When your B-Day is on Halloween...

You turn it into a Halloween birthday party! Are you a late October Birthday Girl? Here's some last minute ways to make your birthday party into a Halloween ready birthday party!

Prepare candy grab bag for your guests and lets party up the place! You can get a jack-o-lantern basket for around a dollar and fill it with a variety of sweet treats for your birthday party. If you have a few guests, give them their own Halloween goodie bags with candy inside too.

Zombie cocktails? Risen from the grave drinks? Who says Halloween is just for kids when you can make Halloween alcoholic drinks such as Witches Brew and Vampire cocktail for your birthday too! We found this neat guide here and another here that you can use for birthday drink ideas for your Halloween themed birthday party! Now just add your birthday party music and your sweet dance moves.

Last but not least, it's not a Halloween birthday party without a costume dress code. Get your friends to wear their Halloween costumes too so you can all get into the Halloween spirit and celebrate your birthday at the same time. 

As an extra tip, when your friends give you birthday gifts, plan a fun trick on them by giving them a trick birthday present back. It could be a jump scare prank one of your other friends may set up, or even a fake spider inside a birthday box. What's a Halloween birthday party without a few surprises and tricks?

Are you a NYC birthday girl and looking to just party your birthday on Halloween instead? Try this guide for all the hottest Halloween clubbing events for an exciting, and maybe a little spooky, night! Check out your city's local events for Halloween birthday events for you and your friends to do for birthday activities.

Stay safe and celebrate your birthday with tons of treats and spooky fun!

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