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3 Easy Steps to Save TONS of $$$ While Planning a Birthday Dinner!

3 Easy Steps to Save TONS of $$$ While Planning a Birthday Dinner!

Hey Birthday Girls!

One of the best parts of the birthday party is, you know it, F O O D! We love birthday cakes, birthday cupcakes, sushi, delicious donuts and all those sweet delights during birthday season. Here's some birthday ideas to eat delicious treats while having a birthday on a budget!

Check out local deals for treats as a birthday budget idea

Okay, maybe it's an office birthday party, or your friend's birthday party but you need to get a lot of food for people. Either way, you don't want to blast your budget on food when you need to get birthday gifts, right? You can definitely feed a good amount of people well under $50 if you follow these birthday ideas. Some good ways to get a lot of tasty food for cheap is..

Dozen donuts for under $1 per donut!

You gotta hit up your local bakery or dunkin' donuts for this. Often times, they'll gladly sell donuts for under $1 per donut. During holidays, dunkin' will sell a dozen donuts for around $7 dollars, making it enough for a small birthday party with your friends, or double up your order for around $14+ to feed over 20 guests at the birthday party. Some bakeries will do similar, but with pre-packaged donuts or special sales. It also never hurts to ask and see if you can save in bulk with not just donuts, but cupcakes, brownies, etc.

Another idea? Pizza! DUH!

A lot of places will have their own pizza deals every single week. A website called will let you know when pizza from papa johns is discounted whenever a certain team wins. The only downside is it works for people that live in big cities on the east coast. But, even without it, you can definitely get so many coupons from pizza shops if you just ask what their current promos are.

But of course, nothing beats...

Home made cooking!!!

We can't stress this enough in our birthday tips for y'all! Making your own meals always beats the cost of eating out. If you already got a kitchen, some baking supplies, you can make some easy birthday goodies as long as you got time or the help of family and friends. Cake mixes are SO cheap and you can feed SO many people by just making one or two cake boxes.

Or go the alternative route and make homemade brownies, or even birthday pancakes with sprinkles! Choices are endless with home baking!

Okay, treats are done. Bam. What next?


Going to a bar to celebrate a 21st birthday, 30th birthday, and so on can be an expensive but fun adventure, but not when you're planning a birthday on a budget! A good way to drink on your birthday for cheap is to make your own birthday drinks!

Some good examples of alcohol drinks you can make in a pitcher are sangria, punch, and margaritas. These drinks ONLY take

  • a base alcoholic drink
  • Fruit(s)
  • Fruit juices

When you got left over wine, or you just want to spend under $20 for drinks, try those recipes out! Don't go out to the bar to make fancy drinks when you can make these at home yourself!

If you reaaallly want to go to a bar, we recommend scheduling your birthday party outing during happy hours. That way you can save money and still drink. The only downside is the drink choices may not be what you prefer for drinks, but a sale can still be a good sale.

If you don't plan to drink during your birthday, that's ok too! You can easily make a lot of sweet tea in a pitcher, or buy a few liters of soda for your party.

Once you got these 3 tips down, then you can spend any leftover budget on other snacks or even any missing essentials for your birthday outfit, or put any leftover money away for a rainy day.

Hope you enjoyed these 3 easy steps to save money on your birthday meal! Now use these tips to save save save!

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