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Winter Birthdays Are Totally Great And Here's Why

Winter Birthdays Are Totally Great And Here's Why

Tis the season for BIRTHDAYS!

With the holiday season here and the snow is falling, we're giving a shout out to all the winter birthday girls who have to celebrate a birthday AND the holidays! You've waited all year long for Santa's gifts, and your birthday gifts too! Here's to the December Birthday Girls and January birthday girls that celebrate in snowy weather.

Although celebrating Christmas is fun with the family, you're guaranteed family and friends company since most people come together for the holidays. And what better reason when your birthday is just a week away from Christmas. You can also tell which friends are the most dedicated, as they'll need to go through snow to get to your birthday party!

Most likely you love everything enchanting about the holiday spirit and peppermint flavors of the season. Incorporate that into your birthday party by having hot chocolate drinks, candy canes, and gingerbread house birthday cakes to your birthday party. Some people may not want a holiday themed birthday party, but for the birthday girls who do, more power to you! 

Warm birthday apparel is another great birthday idea to celebrate. If you love those baggy, warm, festive sweaters, cute Uggs boots with the fur, and long suede boots, this is your season to shine and celebrate life with a winter birthday outfit. Birthday apparel doesn't just have to be a neat sweater too, but a glittery evening dress for all those holiday parties and New Year's Eve parties. Winter birthday girls are all about warmth and glitter when it comes to their birthday outfits. Shine on!

Birthday shopping anyone? Get ready for the biggest deals of the year for your birthday party. It's your birthday and you need to treat yourself! Black Friday weeks, holiday pre-sales, after Christmas sales, it's the best time of the year to shop for your own birthday gifts or perhaps future birthday gifts for your friends. (Your friends better not have excuse to give you b-day gifts at this time of the year with all these savings)!

For the birthday girls still in school, what school?! Winter breaks are one of the best parts of school (LOL) and your birthday is not on a school day! More time to party it up under the mistletoe and drink those holiday drinks. 

We wish all our Winter Birthday Girls a very merry, warm BIRTHDAY this year! Check out our birthday holiday deals for great birthday outfit and birthday gift ideas too! 

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