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3 Fabulous Ways Beyonce Had Those Birthday Girl Moments!

3 Fabulous Ways Beyonce Had Those Birthday Girl Moments!

 Hey birthday girls,

Beyonce's Birthday is on the 4th aka VERY SOON!!! and it's time to show how she is truly a birthday girl! Here's top 3 ways that Beyonce knows how to be the life of the birthday party all while rocking it birthday girl style!

That time when Queen Bey celebrated her 30th birthday...on a yacht!

Even when she was expecting her daughter, a Beyonce birthday party doesn't stop! Beyonce and Jay Z partied on a yacht in Venice, Italy to celebrate her 30th birthday! When you've turned thirty and you're living life, it's time to party hard on your birthday! When it's your 30th birthday, no matter where you are in life, treat yourself to a great birthday party.

Her birthday outfit was a summer maxi dress, as it's so appropriate for the Italian climate and that it's still summer weather during early September. Plus, it's easy to move around in, especially when she was pregnant with her daughter. Always choose a birthday outfit that's comfortable to wear and looks great on you!

She parties it up with her daughter Blue Ivy!

Now this is toooo adorable to not say! Mom and daughter are total birthday queens when it comes to birthdays! For Ivy's 4th birthday party Beyonce made a super cute ultimate fairy themed birthday party for her birthday princess! She make that birthday party great by having so many birthday decorations and birthday activities for her precious daughter to enjoy! When Blue Ivy grows up she'll probably have a whole dance club on fire with the most extravagant birthday decorations! Beyonce is definitely making her into a world class birthday girl for sure.

When Jay Z gives his Birthday Girl, Beyonce, a special birthday party!

For Beyonce's 29th birthday, Jay Z knew she appreciate a great birthday gift by hosting a private birthday party for his wife. Sometimes, not all birthday parties or celebrity birthday parties need to be big, the small, intimate birthday parties matter too! Your best friends and your loved ones should know exactly what you want for a birthday gift idea! Both their families were there at Beyonce's birthday party, along with celebs like Kanye and P. Diddy! And of course, that six layered birthday cake at that birthday party was to die for!!! Who doesn't love birthday cake?!

Okay Beyonce, can't wait to see what your next birthday party will be like! Keep on running the world with your Birthday Girl style!


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