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How to party like Kylie Jenner!

How to party like Kylie Jenner!


Ready to party like a birthday celeb? Keeping up with everything Kardashian? Need some fun birthday ideas for a fab birthday party? Here's a few celebrity birthday party ideas for you to use for your next birthday party.

It's summer. It's time to party it up on the beach. Kylie did just that by celebrating with Tyga, and Kendall on Turks and Caicos. When you're a summer Birthday Girl, the best thing about your birthday is the weather is most likely going to be sunny and bright. The perfect weather for doing any kind of outdoor activity. It's also a great time to take out those swimsuits and bikinis for that summer birthday party dress code.

Personalize your birthday with drinks

There's nothing like celebrating a birthday with a big bottle of wine and friends. Or even a whole outdoor party with tons of people. Sure, your birthday drinks don't have to be the most expensive, but you can easily DIY your own birthday drinks for your birthday party or your friend's birthday party to party it up VIP style like a celeb. You can also order personalized birthday drinks too!

But before you go out the door, make sure your makeup and birthday outfit is on point too. King Kylie is all about that birthday outfit when she's the King of her own makeup line, and instagram celeb style. In current fashion trends, jumpsuits are all the rage, a good replacement for the birthday dress. A belt really accentuates the jumpsuit look. Top makeup colors are found in Kylie's makeup collection including shades of dark red, burgundy, matte brown, and neutral shades of browns and creams.

Last but not least, to party it up like Kylie, get down on the dance floor and dance the night away! Kylie sure did on Keeping up with the Kardashians in the birthday episode, but who doesn't anyways? To party like a celeb, live large, go crazy, and have fun!

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