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Ten celebrities you didn't know were Libras!

Ten celebrities you didn't know were Libras!


Hey birthday girls!

It's Libra season and we're giving all the attention to our Libra birthday girls! If you're a fan of celeb culture, you won't want to miss this post! Read on for the the celebrities you didn't know had Libra Birthdays too!


Kim Kardashian

Probably the most famous Libra Birthday Girl yet! With a massive following on instagram, a successful business, and married to a famous rapper, she is one Birthday Girl who knows how to work hard and live life. As a Libra, she is social oriented with her close friends and family, as we all know, some of us watch her family on TV!

Gwen Stefani

Great Libra birthday girls often hustle well with their careers and businesses. Gwen has been a successful Libra birthday girl with her pop singing career with famous singles, and her fashion line, L.a.m.b.

Amber Rose

This Libra Birthday Girl is world famous on Instagram and runs several businesses too. She brings out her fairness trait as a Libra Birthday Girl with social campaigns such as Slut Walk to bring justice to women that have been unfairly been treated.

Hilary Duff

Who remembers this birthday girl from the Lizzie Mcguire show?! Talented with acting and singing, she proudly represents what it is to be a Libra birthday girl.

Christina Milian

An award winning R&B artist, she's also a great Libra birthday girl too! Ever since she was a kid, she dreamed of being an entertainer and has made it of course!

Kate Winslet

She balances the scales out with her numerous actress awards as a Libra Birthday Girl! She's known for her role in the famous movie, Titanic.

India Arie 

She is a powerhouse Libra Birthday Girl in the R&B charts with her soulful music and over twenty Grammy nominations.

Toni Braxton

One of the most successful R&B artists of the 1990s, she rocks her fame as a Libra Birthday Girl! Heck, even one of her music albums is named "Libra."

Catherine Zeta Jones

A famous actress, this Libra Birthday Girl rocks her Birthday on September 25th today!

Avril Lavigne

 Libra birthday girls love art, beauty, and music, so it's no surprise Avril is a pop star for her career choice. Did you know she started singing at 2 years of age? Rock on!

Who is your favorite Libra Birthday Girl?! Reply in the comments below!

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