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7 steps to the perfect 21st birthday outfit!

7 steps to the perfect 21st birthday outfit!

OK ladies, your big 21st birthday is coming up and you are definitely going to want to have the best outfit for this night. So here are 7 steps on how to achieve that.  

1st step- you want to make sure you have matching undergarments. When your bra and panties are matching, you are guaranteed to have a successful night, plus it just makes you feel better. 

2nd step- Your top should be something that is versatile, able to be worn in any situation you enter in for your birthday, which could be our Birthday Girl 21 shirt! This is a great way to let people know that this is your 21st birthday and you will look so fab in it.  

3rd step- for your bottoms, you can try a skirt or even some high-waist pants/shorts. You can never go wrong with these options. 

4th step-if you do not want to do 2 piece outfit, you can go with a dress which you honestly can never go wrong with. You can do a body con dress or a flow type dress. Which ever suits you best.  

5th step- This is possibly the best step ever, SHOES. Whatever you choose, just make sure it is a heel. This is your 21st birthday, your grown and sexy birthday. So why not have a grown and sexy shoe, bad pair of heels.  

6th step- ACESSORIZE! A great set of accessories can always set off your outfit. If you feel your outfit may be too plain, throw on a necklace with some stud or dangling earrings. Put on a bracelet with some rings and you are set to go. If you have on some pants, you can put on a very nice belt that will go along with the outfit.  

7th step- The step that is almost as important as shoes, your hair. Whether you decided to have your up or down, either one will do actually, just make sure you do a style that is different. Something that you have never done before, go out on a limb. Just remember that if you do not decide that you do not like it, you can always fix it. Just make sure your hair is looking awesome, because your hair can make or break your outfit! 

So here are 7 steps on how to achieve having the best outfit for your awesome 21st birthday! This is your day to be the ultimate diva. 

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