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How To Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Work Out Edition

How To Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Work Out Edition

Hey fitness birthday girls!

One of the ways you can use your birthday t shirt is to make it your official workout uniform! As it is important to work out, fitness outfits are in trend! The birthday t shirt and the birthday tank top and other birthday apparel make excellent workout shirts for that morning or evening run. We got some fitness style ideas on how to rock your birthday shirt while burning some calories with these birthday outfit ideas!
birthday shirts can be used for fitness uses and workouts

The essentials

To run like the wind, get a pair of leggings and good running shoes. Yoga pants and leggings are so in style with fitness apparel. You don't want a bulky outfit to hinder your stride. If you're looking for shoes to help you run, get shoes that have cushioning for those miles and miles of running your feet will have to endure. Your shoes should be made of sturdy material so it won't wear out before you do! Nike and Reebok tend to be popular choices for running shoes. Feel free to color coordinate your shoes if possible with your birthday outfit! Get a black and white pair or even a hot pink pair or vivid, bright colors to match with your cute birthday shirt.
Birthday shirt love
And of course the birthday shirt completes the whole birthday outfit for your workout! A pink birthday shirt or black birthday shirt are great choices for your fitness outfit and match well with your leggings and shoes.

Game On

We recommend getting a duffel bag if you're carrying a lot of sports equipment like tennis rackets or soccer balls or whatever sport equipment you need to work out. We love the Victoria's Secret Pink duffel bag since it perfectly matches up with any of our birthday girl tshirts! Add on a watch for timing your plays and mile runs or even use your smartphone with an armband to let your phone keep track of your time.

Hydrate up!

Don't forget the waterbottle! Get a sturdy Camelbak or any waterbottle that you like. Remember to keep hydrated and have water around to cool off after working out in your birthday shirt!

Ready, get set, MOVE! Show off that birthday girl style while keeping fit! This birthday outfit isn't just for birthdays but for everyday use!

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