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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 4

How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt Vol 4


 Hey birthday girls!

The birthday shirt is soft, flexible to go where you want to go. And no matter where you go, you can always rock that shirt and let people know that it's your birthday! Keep on partying with these 3 tips.

On the Beach

Use the birthday tshirt as a shirt to wear when you're just chilling on the beach, ice cold drink in hand and the boom box is playing your favorite tune. Use it as pool wear when you're not taking a dip in the pool or just an attention grabber for everyone to know. ; )

If you're 21 go to the bar!

It's almost a secret we tell birthday girls turning 21 (WOOO!) that they can use the 21st birthday shirt to the bar! Just wear it, go to the bar, show your shirt, and you may even get a free drink! It's your birthday, no shame in showing your age!

Scarf it up!

If it's a cold autumn day and you're thinking about pumpkin spice lattes, it's the season to play up that birthday girl style with a colorful scarf. Grab a light scarf and tie it around your neck for some fall birthday style. 

And there you go! Have fun with these ideas and use them no matter where you are in the world birthday girls!

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